Some Current Ideas To Help You With Carpet Cleaning

Written by Sara Tegan

Are you looking for a new vacuum cleaner? It’s a good idea to buy the highest quality machine that you can afford. The Kirby line of vacuums, along with a few other brands, offers a lifetime warranty. Kirbys are also known for having more metal internals than any other vacuum on the market. Can you imagine using the same vacuum cleaner for 30 years? Many purchasers of Kirby vacuums are proud to say their Kirby has been going strong for 20 to 30 years. And they will attest to the fact that they have never had problems with their Kirby. Today, craftsmanship and attention to detail, like in the Kirby vacuums, is scarce. So, if you can afford to get one, then we obviously recommend you do that.

The very first habit you need to develop is to vacuum your carpets every week. Weekly vacuuming is the least you should do. What else you add to your routine will depend on your personal circumstances. By having a good schedule for vacuuming, you will effectively be removing the dirt and dust particles that are not yet apparent but are, nonetheless, there. The more time you delay between the times you vacuum, the more chance there is for dirt to be ground into the fibers of your carpets. Prevent this from happening by vacuuming frequently because, the more dirt in your carpet’s fibers, the more problem you will have getting it out. In areas of your home that get a lot of daily traffic, you may want to consider vacuuming those spots daily. If you don’t remove all of the liquid from your carpet fibers when you shampoo, you are making one of the most common mistakes people make when they shampoo their carpets themselves. Black mold can be the result of this and it’s terrible. We’ve seen examples where the carpet turns black. Once the mold starts to grow, anyone in your household who is sensitive to mold can get sick. You will really have a problem if and when it spreads to your walls because then it will be almost impossible to remove. About the only effective way to kill the mold growing on your walls is to wash it with bleach. After killing the mold, you will have to paint your walls, an additional expense that wasn’t necessary.

Your biggest challenge in keeping your carpets clean will come if your carpets are light-colored. A bigger challenge than getting rid of pet stains, is cleaning up food and drink stains. A classic stain featured on TV commercials is red wine spilled on a light-colored carpet. Tomato based food spills, even if you start to clean them immediately, can be worse than pet stains. Fortunately, you can find enzyme based cleaners for difficult-to-remove food stains, in addition to enzyme removers for pet stains.

Remember that you can help prevent future allergic reactions with a sound carpet cleaning process in place. The only requirements are to vacuum frequently and shampoo a couple of times a year. Your respiratory system will thank you for forming good procedures for keeping your carpets clean.

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