Precisely Why Carpeting Is The Most Preferred Flooring

Written by Sara Tegan

Although hardwood floors can make a home look nice, there can be advantages of carpets that make it popular for so many people. Carpet is maybe the most functional choice of flooring because it can be fashionable and quite flexible to use. Over half of almost all flooring sales that are made annually are for carpets. It’s been the top choice for people for upwards of sixty years. New carpet provides some positive aspects that other flooring options can’t give you.

Compared to hard flooring, a carpet will be able to keep your feet warm. The carpet together with the right padding will keep the floor well insulated and your feet nice and toasty. It is going to help keep the home heating cost low and enhance the resale value of your home. For those who have ever fallen down on a hard wood floor, you realize that carpet is much safer. Because its working surface is slip resistant, it will prevent accidents, and if you do fall, it is a natural cushion, which makes it ideal for young children.

Carpeting can even absorb just about any noise which makes it ideal for those living in apartments. Carpeting can reduce noise in three ways including minimizing the hard surface from amplifying footsteps. It also absorbs airborne sound and obstructs the transmission of sounds. Think of being in a basement when someone is upstairs, and how much different the sound travels when they are walking on a carpet floor compared to linoleum or hardwood flooring. Just about any deterioration a floor has, such as being warped, can be covered up by carpet, especially when the carpet is thicker. Given that carpets have become more stain resistant, they are much easier to clean. So, you can’t really say having unclean carpets is a true shortcoming over hard floors.

As long as carpet is adequately cleaned and maintained, researchers have proven that the quality of the air is improved by having carpet, because it traps dust that causes allergies. Carpet can be used for other places than floors, like stairways, steps, ramps and even walls. It is possible to fix the tone for your room by selecting the correct carpet. With many different textures and colors available, you could create almost anything your heart desires. You can select how your home will look based on the type of carpet you use like using rich solid colors or neutral tones. Carpet is available in various qualities which can range between fairly inexpensive, to quite costly.

Since you do have an option based on price, it could be much more affordable to carpet your whole home for much less than other flooring. New carpet has truly changed the way many homes look today. Expect the kitchen and bathroom to continue being hard floors, you can have the rest of your home covered in carpet.

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